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Virtual Office

  1. What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office is a term implying a form of representative office in which all information on transactions are transferred to the real transaction office.

Thần Tài Việt Office – a source of success

As for the market individual/enterprise newcomers, in such a highly competitive environment, they are forced to deduct several fees to gain benefits and to continue running their business. However, these individuals/enterprises struggle to rent an official and permanent office.

Therefore, virtual office is the answer to their concerns about capital investment. They no longer have to pay a huge amount of money to rent a long-term office in such an expensive city like Hanoi, Saigon. The enterprises/individuals can rent a virtual office with sufficient facilities to meet everyone’s working demands. Thus, it is considered a brilliant solution that spares the companies a lot of fees.

In brief, a virtual office is an office address for lease. This place is a business address for your company with receptionists to answer the phone for you, meeting rooms, guest rooms and other office equipment at your disposal. Nevertheless, the difference is that you and all the employees do not have to stay at the office all the time and can work somewhere else instead, which saves you from common fees such as office lease, office equipment and ultilization…

2. Scope of clients

Thần Tài Việt Office – a source of success

Than Tai Viet Office provides the virtual office service that suits a wide range of clients. Based on each client’s unique traits, Than Tai Viet Office advises enterprises on choosing the right office service to meet the requirement for efficiency. Than Tai Viet Office focuses on:

– Directors of small and medium enterprises

– Individuals who are preparing or have just established enterprises

– Consultants/Project groups

– Small representative offices (located in provinces near Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or overseas)

– Foreign companies going through market research

Than Tai Viet Office – Spread the success

With the advantages that Virtual Office can bring, multiple companies have started to take this term seriously and considered using it for their business. We have received plenty of feedback from our clients, some of which is negative but most is positive. Here are some reviews from our clients:

– Saves a lot of fees compared to long-term office rent

– Well-equipped with: desks, chairs, closets, files, books, air conditioner, wifi, hot/cold water machines, electricity, water, phone number, fax number which are very convenient for the communication,…

– Virtual office leasing companies are usually located in the central districts, hence the convenience for transaction, information exchange with clients.

– Complete confidentiality so clients do not have to worry about losing or disclosing secret documents.

– Address, phone numbers, fax numbers, files which are highly stable so the companies/enterprises can rent the virtual office for a long time.

– Virtual office conveys a professional image to clients and partners

– By using virtual office, you will be able to focus your resources on your core business activities.

If you are looking forward to developing your business and in need of an office for contract signing, consultancy, transactions with clients, this is an ideal choice.

The experience of other companies/enterprises has shown that this is the best solution to save office rent for everyone. Do not hesitate to contact Than Tai Viet Office immediately to have an ideal office to run and develop your business.

Than Tai Viet Office believes that this service will help you save time when it comes to management and fees and appear more professional to the clients at the same time.

Please refer to our Quotation or contact to be consulted and updated.

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